One of Portland’s forgotten public artwork combinations is the bronze Jefferson (about 1915) and the 1925 WW I memorial at Jefferson High School (5210 N. Kerby). From N. Commercial Street you can get to the football field. At the south end of the field (the school steps) you can see the bronze life size statue of Jefferson seated.

Most Portland high schools are named after presidents. Several have a full size statues. The downtown Park Blocks have the Lincoln and Roosevelt. Jefferson and Franklin grace their respective football fields. The Washington statue seems to have(since HS closed in the 1980’s) migrated to the busy corner of 60th & NE Sandy Blvd.

I think Grant, Wilson, Cleveland do not have statues (great men, poor presidents?)

The Jefferson is seated, loosely holding a book, life size. It’s been badly damaged by the weather, birds and generations of petty vandals.

Behind the Jefferson, framing the “front doors” of the school are four plaques, two of which are very interesting. I will write about the plaques tomorrow or so.