Inside Franklin High School is an amazing enormous sculpture of Benjamin Franklin.

At the foot is a picture of the log the sculpture came from and the following text:

“This original sculpture by the local artist Bart Kenworthy was carved from a cedar log 22 feet long. Work began in August 1975 and was completed in July 1976. The statue is a single unit, rising 16 feet 8 inches above the floor and weighing 7,000 pounds. The figure of Benjamin Franklin stands 11 feet 4 inches of twice Franklin’s actual height.”

A plaque nearby says this public artwork was donated to the school in 1991 by Robert Hazen.

From Willamette Week’s 25 year anniversary issue “Where Are They Now“:

“[Bob Hazen] Chairman of the Benj. Franklin Savings and Loan Association was a familiar face to Portland television viewers for much of the ’70s, hawking toasters and other free gifts to woo new depositors to the institution his father started in 1925.

“Hazen retired in 1980 but remained on Benj. Franklin’s board until it was sold to Bank of America during the S&L crisis in 1990. When he isn’t fund-raising for United Way or his alma mater, Whitman College, Hazen, 81, spends seven months of the year in Palm Desert, Calif., where he plays golf three days a week with Howard Keel, star of such Hollywood musicals as Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Show Boat.”

So I bet this Franklin was in a bank lobby somewhere before it migrated to the high school. Can anyone tell me where? Any other memories of this thing?