Harvey Scott got an impressive statue. His sister Abigail Scott Duniway, hero of the suffrage movement, poet, and far more interesting human, has so far gone without. Nothing! Great artists of Portland! Hear my plea! Build an artwork for Abigail Duniway!

Okay – she does have a park named after her. But I don’t think there’s any art in it.

Anyway, back to Harvey’s statue. It’s bronze on a seven foot high concrete pedestal, set on a rise, surrounded at its front by a rock wall, set on the highest point of the only volcano inside a major American’s city boundary. Like the symbolism?

I bet Harvey did to. Anyway, because it’s so high it’s pretty heard to see the handiwork of Gutzom Borglum, better known for leading the building of Mount Rushmore. Harvey stands erect, head high, right arm outstretched, finger pointing, where? South I guess. Canby? Salem?

Our town is dotted with Mr. Scott. There’s Harvey Scott School, and at this moment workers are digging up the foundation of Scott’s home (under the old Danmoore Hotel on downtown 12th Avenue). There is the Harvey Scott Memorial Library at Pacific University.

More Scott bio material.

Mount Tabor is exquisite, especially on a sunny weekday afternoon, dappled sunlight, high above the noise from the city, lovers walk hand in hand, joggers, but quiet and easy solitude.

(There are two other volcanoes in the Portland metro area – name them!)