Henry Waldo Coe, a medical doctor for mad people who ran Portland’s Morningside Hospital in the 1920’s was a great patron of the arts and suffrage. He bought and donated this Pompeo Coppini sculpture of George Washington, which graces, for no particularly good reason, the busy corner of 60th and NE Sandy.

(Morningside Hospital’s history is not well told – yet. It was located on what is now 102nd, about three blocks south of Stark, behind Mall 205.)

Coe bought other excellent sculptures which I’ll write about later, including the Lincoln and Roosevelt in the South Park Blocks.

This Washington is quite handsome, I imagine as he stood around the parlor of his Mt. Vernon mansion, chatting with the constant visitors. Coat over his arm, stick in hand, listening without concern or comment, constant, strong, judicious, ready to go out or stay in, capable, keeping his own council, self-satisfied, stiff, regarded, alert but not intent. The American stoic. Our greatest hero.

Now if you don’t know Washington yet, and face it you probably don’t, get started with General George Washington: a military life, by Edward Lengel.

Then, read Washington’s Farewell Address to the People of the United States.

Why this stupid location? Please someone try to make an excuse.

Washington was a favorite of Coppini’s patrons. This one is fronts UT at Austin.

This one from 1911 is in Mexico City.

Is this still up?

This pic looks like it was taken soon after it was placed.