Did I imagine this mnemonic moniker or does it float at 10th & Burnside like an unfortunate smell?

First titled Pod, built by Peterson Structural Engineers, highlighted on Oregon Art Beat, cost RACC $50,000 (Pdx Tribune + plaque says funded by Portland Streetcar Inc. [the streetcar itself was as you might remember funded by you and me taxpayers] and BBC Steel).

Ignorable amidst traffic noise and unregulated signage, it sits ominous on three immovable wheels, a heavy metal ghastly of brushed steel, managing demonic charm with a semblance of interactivity.

Reach your arms up high and push the testes and the devil dicks swing about madly.

Quite possibly Fred Allen was Satan, “Oh Portlandia!” Certainly upsets the feng shui of skid road.

Perhaps scratching Satan’s Scrotum will be a future midnight ritual for errant Foursquare Church debutantes. Whoops! The future is now already.