This green bird, perhaps a swallow, in the third I’ve found in NE Portland. This version is under the Fremont Bridge, near Russell Street. Call it Russell.

Two others have been documented on this blog. One on NE Ainsworth in orange is probably the version which sees most humans. Call that one Ainsworth. The second, near the NE foot of the Fremont is a rougher version, also in orange. Call it Albina.
All three are fairly new. Ainsworth, the first I noticed, seemed to appear about a month ago. But it could have been three. I don’t know who the artist is.

See the two earlier versions at Art v Vandalism.

Russell is like Ainsworth and Albina, about ten feet long and five feet high. It is sketched on a dismal warehouse.

Both the rougher versions, Albina and Russell are “matted” by someone, probably the building owner, wiping out previous graffiti with a roller and wall paint, leaving a uniform rectangle, perfect for framing a new image.

Now that I’ve collected three – and I imagine there are others – I think the chronology is Albina, Russell, Ainsworth. I would like to find / see the rest of these birds.