Continuing the theme of corporate / governmental art vs outlaw murals, here is a newish set, which the random passing set of eyes might miss.

Located inside a garage set for demolition on NE Fremont at Vancouver. There are six parts to this artwork. All are within a security fence.

The garage and the adjoining building have been idle for over a year.

I don’t know who the artist or artists are or when the artwork was made.

Reading left to right, on west side of the exterior of the building are lightly colored, perhaps unfinished poppy flowers, showing prominent seed pods. Above is a pink cloud and what might be a comet.

It is unfinished.

Inside the garage is an enormous masked superhero character, hunched in a knot, grabbing at his elbow. Perhaps. It’s a little hard to make the composition out. At the top of a set of real stairs is a figure shouting through a bullhorn at the superhero, and another bullhorn, larger, also pointing at him.

Angry, hostile, fist raised. Get out of my neighborhood!

The hero, masked, afraid, injured, perplexed, crumpled by the accusations from the hooded man with the bullhorn. An orange aura surrounds his head.

A smiling white businessman character, fifteen feet high, smirking, lifts the limp superhero like a child with a smelly diaper.

Leon Golub would completely approve.

His face is the most descriptive part of the work. Satisfied and on course.

Opposing the smiling businessman is another white businessman, stern, martial arts position, glowing orange aura around his hands and head. Prepared to attack or defend? Who knows?

Tune in next week for the continuing efforts of real estate gentrification!

UPDATE 2007 – this artwork and the building were demolished.