Our first month whizzed by quickly and there’s so much more to do. Thanks for your cards and letters, but be certain I don’t read them.

But if you know a distressed piece of forgotten artwork laying around like the Bruce West behind the old Children’s Museum (also abandoned), send your missive or better yet take a picture and send that with a location. The fewer words, the better.

Coming up in the next few weeks are Central Library, Chapman School / Wallace Park, Convention Center (over several days), last Thursday on Alberta Street, Shaver Street mural, more birds, Touch the Moon, The Promised Land, gardens as artwork, Pioneer Mother, King Christ, The Driver’s Seat, three different elephants, Henry Huggins, a damaged cat in repose, the Car Wash which doesn’t wash cars or anything else, a trip on the Yellow Max Line, poetry from Hazel Hall to Keith Jellum, telephone pole galleries, Coming of the White Man matched with The Dream and maybe The Dreamer. And stay tuned for literally hundreds of other peculiar Portland artworks.

Why the breakneck pace? Not only is it a finite world, but my interest in this stuff is finite and getting finiter by the night. These blogs which go on and on forever, wasting away time and brains, are banal and bleak, hamsters on a wheel, modern worry-beads. Yuck.

The beauty of Blogger + Google is this site is free, permanent and already floating toward the top of most keyword searches. Should top “Portland art” and “Portland sculpture” and “Portland artwork” fairly soon. Regardless of what others do, this site will top most searches. Individual choice + timing + tools mounts insurgency and can defeat all institutions.