AUDIT REPORT – Financial allocation process is informal, inconsistent, and may not fulfill requirements for public art

Full AUDIT available. (PDF file).

Comment from Commissioner Sam Adams’ web site (a blog! no less), by staffer Jesse Beason.

So far (only five weeks) no response to the audit from the city.

Local rag acknowledges audit has come into existance.


“It is the intent of the City of Portland that a percentage of the cost of certain City improvements be dedicated to public art. This audit was conducted to determine whether the required allocations for the “Percent for Art” program are appropriately identified and dedicated from City capital construction projects. City compliance with this program is in doubt for several reasons.

“We found that the City’s published Capital Improvement Plan does not contain sufficient financial information for identifying eligible Percent for Art projects. We also found that even with access to such financial information, calculating the correct contribution to public art requires a substantial number of assumptions to reliably and consistently identify eligible projects.

“Instead of a straightforward calculation, Project Managers are faced with a “murky” and “informal” process for determining a project’s Percent for Art eligibility. These problems challenge not just our ability to assess the City’s contribution to public art, but also the City’s ability to ensure correct implementation of the Program.

“We make several recommendations for the City and for the Regional Arts and Culture Council to improve the process and oversight of the program in order to ensure that the correct funds are dedicated to art in accordance with City Code.”