The arts progressive community is rife with a simple hypocrisy. They don’t support the arts organizations in their community with cash donations.

They just don’t. Rationalizations abound. “Foundations should take care of this!” “What about a grant from RACC?” “I don’t have any money!”

All wrong. It’s our responsibility to support the causes and issues we believe in. This is the first of a series of nonprofit organizations, all laudable, credible, accountable organizations with great missions, each which supports public artwork in Portland, Oregon.
I hope you look these over, and select a few, write some checks and make some art happen in an entirely new way – as a patron of the arts.

I LOVE the idea of SCRAP. I don’t know anyone who works there and I’ve never been inside (tho I have been admiring their mural outfront – see above.)

But I appreciate their mission and YOU should consider making a cash donation before the end of the year. Your donation to SCRAP is tax deductible.

Here’s what they do:

SCRAP–The School and Community Reuse Action Project promotes creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.

SCRAP stocks a store for school teachers only which carries stuff of a hundred sorts all for making artwork. Activities, community-building, workshops, sales, volunteers, all sorts of interesting engagements.

Visit SCRAP at

Send your donation to

3901A N Williams
Portland, OR 97227