John Buchanan, in a memo sent to senior staff this afternoon, announced his resignation today. Front page of the Oregonian PM – aligned weirdly with the masthead. Of course, not on their web site, masterminded by nincompoops from another world.

I think Tyler from Art Journal had the story first in his BLOG. And he frames it not as Portland’s loss – but San Francisco’s gain.

KGW has the story – what little there is.

D K Row from The Oregonian gets page one – Art museum will lose Buchanan.

Bob Hicks chimes in with background on the story.

Portland Business Journal – Portland Art Museum director leaving for San Francisco

Associated Press – After elevating Portland museum, director leaving

Posted 11/19 SF Chronicle – Fine Arts Museums pick new director

Salem Statesman Journal – Director of Portland Art Museum steps down

Eugene Register Guard – Longtime Portland museum boss leaves

PAM has not posted a press release. FAMSF has – John E. Buchanan, Jr. Appointed Director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

11/20 – Oregonian – How can we improve Portland Art Museum? short comments from the usual suspects.

More facts, but no one has the answer to WHY?

Just weeks after opening the sensational new Mark Building, this cannot have been in the plans. No word on whether Lucy Buchanan, possibly Portland’s most successful fundraiser, will go too (bet on it).

Provincial arts administrators always have to put up with small minded people. Well-paid and well regarded, the Buchanan’s will leave Portland a better place having spent the cash to distinguish this small town from Spokane or Des Moines.

Prediction: PAM sinks back into it’s natural turpitude. Expect resignations – or scandal.