Another five weeks or so and Commissioner Sam has weighed in on what to do about RACC.

Nice work if you can get it.

Remember? Those sunny days of August brought us a performance audit from the city auditor?

There was a piece in the Oregonian (their web site sucks), and of course a ping from me. Steadfast and anon.

I’ve also already commented on some of the irksome particulars, such as the missing database.

Commissioner Sam says the obligatory thanks to Gary Blackmer and lays out the initial response.

Got a problem without a solution? Create a committee with the Office of Management & Finance, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and “participating bureaus” to “develop clear guidelines and a city-wide process for consistent earmarking of eligible projects, proper payment schedules and a model for collaboration.” This is okay. No date by which to be finished and no public participation, but this is a start.

But it gets better.

Sam pledges in the memo to work with the council to boost Portland’s Percent for the Arts from 1.33% to 2% – and to pin down PDC so they pay their part for the arts as well.

Read the current city code and Sam’s draft revision.

This is all on Sam’s Blog. (We’ll look back on this City Council with great regard years from now.)

Good start. We’ll be watching. Here’s my two cents – what we need from RACC. A nice clean simple fiscal statement of purchases and non-administrative costs (maintanance, storage, shipping) once a year. No foo foo annual report. That’s what Willamette Week is for. Oh, and a current list of all artwork owned by the city.