The Regional Arts & Cultural Council has uploaded it’s database of the publically owned artwork in the Portland metro area to the internet. Not, by far, a sufficient catalogue of the public art of the region. That’s quite a reach to claim.

See RACC Public Art Database Search.

This database holds the trove of the city, 1853 artworks, scattered all over, from different decades, different artists, different choosing processes, some were gifts, some are white elephants, some came dear, some opportune, many wonderful, a few regrettable.

Many are, my guess, unknown to you. And this is only a list, a shadow of a thing, not the thing itself. So wander and seek. Look for these artworks in situ.

The database has shortcomings. It does not work with Mozilla’s Firefox, rapidly becoming the browser de rigour, or Opera. Both are better browsers, for a variety of reasons, than Internet Explorer. Many entries do not have photos of the artwork, or other essential information (“Transit Mall” serves as an address for Lee Kelly’s Untitled Fountain). Few entries have descriptions. Some have almost nothing at all.

When will this “beta” version of the database become “alpha”? Unknown. Is all publicly-owned artwork from the Portland-metro area included? Unknown. 1853 is an impressive number for any agency to track, secure, maintain, promote.

RACC solicits your feedback on the database.