Cut to the chase: some might say city-treasure Henk Pander is an acquired taste, but his flowers are fantastic and always exquisite. This bunch hangs in a busy hallway, not far from the skybridge connecting OHSU to the VA Hospital. This is the best piece of art in the OHSU collection (which I have found to date).

Paul Sutinen is co-chair of the Art Department at Marylhurst. His Constellation of Drawings-Memory is a 1% for the arts purchase at OHSU, in the center stairwell of the newish Medical Research Building. It’s big, 7′ x 7′ or so, but is just about as interesting in this jpg.

This large untagged painting is nearby the new and luxurious Marion Miller Auditorium on the 11th floor of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. No idea who made it.

I also don’t know who made this image, which hangs just off the main entrance / wait room. No tag. I like it a lot. It’s a weaving of images, which distorts up close. Nice colors, content. Too bad it has to be behind glass.


Overheard in the University Club library, “goddamn beatnik chislers got my wife drunk on white wine and sold her $1700 worth of shit we’re ashamed to keep in our closet.”