Oregon Health Sciences University is the state’s largest hospital and only medical school. Perched on top of Marquam Hill (the fabled result of a whiskey-driven land-deal), it’s packed with researchers and the poor folks they torment, trauma hospital, two children’s hospitals (Shriners and Dornbecher), a VA Hospital, the Casey Eye Institute, a nursing school, a dental school, and not enough parking. Billions in construction and payroll over the decades and yet the halls are largely empty of cultural and commentary.

Here’s more of what I found.

By Barbara Gilson, a Portland photog, untitled, of the Portland Rose Festival. In dreary grays, it hangs in a dreary hospital hallway, a large gelatin print, very hard to look at except for up close.

The poobah deans + directors had their portraits made and hang them in and outside the main hospital auditorium (where grand rounds are held). The signature is D. Hine and the portraits look like they were all made at the same time, but the frames for the older members, some of whom passed on decades ago, are older, relative to their age. About twelve of them. Uninteresting outside of trivia. Can’t find D. Hine.

By Mary Josephson, All Your Base Belong To Us, in a waiting area in the hospital. Liberal Arts Primitive, with an extremely unfortunate title. Dreck.

George Johanson, Portland gallery stalwart; this abstract is probably from the 1970’s, probably a donation to the medical school, & hangs in a dark lobby. Hans Hoffman sans genius. No tag.

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