If you haven’t taken our survey, you still have time. I’ll continue the poll until 100 people have shared their ideas and opinions about a suitable statue for Portland.

For this poll, I’m asking you to share NAMES of Portland people who are well deserving of our honor and memory.

Readers of this blog have already made several excellent suggestions!

How about Jane Powell, first discovered on the Edgar Bergen radio show at age 14?

Or Greg Sage, our own Alien Boy? Was this 10 29 79 at the Earth Tavern?

Mr. Saturday Night himself, Playboy Buddy Rose?

Or Tough Tony Bourne? With Lonnie Mayne took out Mr. Fuji & Haru Sasaki TWICE for the NW Tag Team Title in 1970. Remember?

Doctor, Anarchist and community leader Marie Equi? You don’t know Marie Equi? Click newbie, click!

The dame of Thurman Street, Ursula LeGuin?

Young Marxist + Haute Couture architype Louise Bryant?

Or perhaps someone we should remember lest we every forget? How about Ben Canada?

Former Mayor Frank Ivancie?

Racist and murderer Ken Mieske?

Or Number 1 draft pick “Two For” LaRue Martin?