From the lens of Ancil Nance.

Don Wilson – now located in Castle Rock and repped by the Atelier Gallery. His stone Holon is in the South Park Blocks in front of the PSU Library.

Gordon Gilkey (1912 – 2000) in his lair in the basement of PAM. He was an extraordinary human, particularly sophisticated for his chosen community. His story is unwritten, and along with other arts aficionados, ends the tale of the quest for arts and culture by the Third Reich. For students seeking a arts history dissertation subject – here’s your man.

See the Schnitzer-funded – Gordon Gilkey Research Center at UO

Also – the Vivian and Gordon Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts at PAM

Peckerneck personified, this is about the earliest photo of Walt Curtis I’ve seen. Author of Mala Noche, Salmon Song, Rhymes for Alice Blue Light, painter, historian, bookseller, driver of half dead hulks, sex maniac, encourager of young artists, rememberer of fine humans, romantic realist, radio host, and Portland’s “Unofficial Poet Laureate.”

Pretty much an all around great guy.

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