These two posters of Patrice Lumumba Ford were pasted to a sign pole on N Weidler and Williams soon after he plead guilty in 2003 to a set of charges, which in the light of another federal administration will seem ridiculous.

Read the plea for yourself. September 11 did not change everything. It has successfully made fools of our prosecutors and judges however.

About forty of these posters went up around Portland within a couple of days of the plea agreement. All are gone now but these two. The others have been carefully scrubbed away from both public and private surfaces.

Looking closely at these remaining posters is interesting. The posters showed Ford’s full handsome and happy face, and said something like – “We’ll remember you Patrice.” Not a surprising message from his own neighborhood.

The posters have been scraped with a sharp blade like a putty knife and spray-painted with an off-yellow paint. His eyes and mouth are the targets. A close look shows first scrubbing with a liquid + brush, then scraping, then later spray paint, and then scraping again. Someone was determined – and angry.

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Yes, Patrice Lumumba Ford’s father was a Black Panther leader in Portland. What great African hero did he name his son for?