Artist makes use of horse rings in downtown Portland is the blurb from the local TV filler about Scott Wayne Indiana’s horse project.

Read from the KATU site. If you have broadband access you can watch the full story from this page. But due credit – I think this blog was first.

Corporate tax prof Jack Bogadanski wrote about them too.

It’s very rare TV or radio in Portland has anything on local arts or local artists. Typically the minimal space is absorbed by traveling musicals or museum shows, or discouraging controversies. Portland has a vibrant and supportive art scene going now – especially with younger artists who need media nurturing to connect with collectors and patrons. So thanks to Julie Murray at KATU.

Artists generate business. They gentrify neighborhoods. They light up nightlife for restaurants & clubs and all the vendor businesses attached to them. Active public artists – like Indiana – inspire young people to learn about the arts as a real here and now activity, a way to engage with your community, and not a stuffy history lesson. Artists pay rent, buy groceries, raise kids, tame wild animals. Very useful citizens.

Read more about Scott Wayne Indiana at his web site – 39 Forks.