There are several courthouses in our littletown legal ghetto – Gus Solomon & Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouses, Pioneer Courthouse, and the sturdy Multnomah County Courthouse.

The admins here think it’ll fall over with just a 4 point earthquake. Well, if it happens during off hours that’d be okay. It’s a place of distinct misery. Can you think of two more hopeless career paths? Being a crook or being a criminal defense lawyer? I actually understand the crook part – they’re driven by genetics or heroin or some sort of bad brains. For the lawyers I am agog.

The courthouse itself has four pieces of RACC-kinda art.

White Venus by Harry Widman who is a member at Blackfish and has been around forever.

Harry’s pal Paul Missel, shows a still life from 1968.

A mixed media piece by Sidonie Caron – not interesting. Bad place for it – at the top of a stair.

Some of the judges decorate their courtrooms. Mrs. Judge Michael Marcus makes tapestries.

Upstairs is these large and peculiar piece. Who is she?! RACC label says its Portland by Jon Kasal for whom I draw a blank. Robert Kasal was a prof in the PSU art dept a generation ago. Jon? Are you Prof. Kasal’s son? Who are you? This is a great picture.

Nobody sees it up here but the courthouse ghosts. What a waste.

Finally, if you want to be very very alone, like far side of the moon alone, visit the courthouse law library. There might be a staff person there, but she’s just another ghost.

This might be a Dr. Who deal. You can make all the phone calls you want.

Please ignore all the rules.