Wandering through the city on First Thursday. Somehow I missed all the galleries.

In the window at Cameron’s Books, pencilwork product of a hundred hours of pondering – an original handmade advertising artwork.

Cameron’s really must be on your Portland tour. Pick up some Hardy Boys mysteries – in the South-facing window, or find your high school yearbook. Wayne Morse smiles benevolently down upon us all.

Also off SW Third Avenue, off a street-level parking lot. Someone has spray painted a Chinese dragon and then someone else has carefully sprayed it out with gray paint to match the cement, a shadow of a fiction, an inadvertent artwork. How rare! And to find it tucked behind a dumpster as well! Delightful.

I loath all reggae but I love Bob Marley. I don’t know why.

Is this club closed? Do Bob Marley fans stay up late enough to find out? He’s ageless so they must be ageless also.

Puzzles I will never undo.

More advertising – this one of the Lotus Cafe, circa 1930 by former Portlander Karl Abramovic.

Starting to fade into the twilight.

Two beautiful portraits, 5′ by 8′, in the Pink Martini window on Second Avenue – was this a frame shop? Next to what once was Cal’s Books and Wares. Now that place was a mystery!

Who is the artist? I don’t know. Who is the subject? Leo Castelli in a pleasant mood circa 1972?

This one is great too. Who who who?

So many great bookstores were wiped out by the heavy paper thunder of Powell’s. Hmmm. Remember Apache Books? Serendipity Books? I miss Cal’s. Even the moldy smelling basement. The angle of these photos is off – taken through a storefront window and the paintings were resting on a rakish angle.

Handsome devils. Coffee salesmen? Italian parliamentarians? Definitely from out of town.

This elegant spray paint butterfly is the remnant of a large tropical advertisement facing Second Avenue, again at the back of a street-level parking lot, at the Morrison Bridge off ramp. The crew came and stripped off the old plastic sheeting with the ad, and carefully left this remainder – along with a couple of other misc. parts.

Keep your eyes open and the art starts to walk out into your view. Nooks and crannies, hmm?