Very depressing. I strongly identified with the visiting parents who come to see what’s become of the $100,000 in tuition, fees, room & board they’ve paid out.


I can’t describe the show, other than the artwork was sloppy and thought-free. I didn’t want to take pictures, and can’t encourage anyone to go visit.

I go to this show every year, mostly because it takes place between this and that for me. Every year there is something that makes the viewer cringe – the nature of developing spirits. But this year the show – across the board – was alarmingly bad.

No – the arithmetic to becoming an artist has never penciled out. If you want educational ROI look at name-brand schools in big cities and prep for MBA and never MFA.

All the Pacific Northwest College of Art spaces are interesting. The equipment is fine. The location is terrific. The cost is steep but standard. The staff + faculty are nice, accessible, usually adequate instructors, and often are still making art themselves. There’s plenty of coffee and the PNCA library is fine, cozy – but very usable.

So what’s the problem? Ahh – the remaining factor. The students.