To celebrate the 100th post and the 10,000 unique visitor to Portland Public Artwork, we introduce this blog’s photo archive of artworks, now available through Picasa’s web album.

Click here to see the full archive – or in the future simply click on the Picasa logo on the right hand side of the screen.

Currently archive “albums” are divided by the five sections of the city – North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and then more specifically downtown, St. Johns, Washington Park, Vancouver Washington, Pill Hill (OHSU) and Portland State University. Photos are still being uploaded, not all are in place now. Close to 250 megabytes of images are now available.

The archive is the largest photographic archive of public art in Oregon. It is not limited to a specific collection, but to the whole city. Because the archive is limited only by geography and artistic merit (and this blog is consistently liberal with both of those boundaries) it will eventually be significantly larger than archives available through RACC or the Oregon Art Museum or the Oregon Art Commission. Once captions to each picture are added the archive will surpass all public internet repositories of public artwork in Oregon, perhaps in the nation, perhaps in the world.

The archive is also completely interactive. Like this blog, you can leave a comment about any piece of art. Please add information! For many artworks, especially non-traditional work, it’s almost impossible to source the artists name or precisely when the work was made. In many places, the archive needs names of the artist, dates the work was made, materials, sizes, titles and background about the work and it’s context.

Please feel free and welcome to use the pictures in any way you like. Of course the archive works perfectly with any browser and cost nothing to create.