Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare’s second annual art show, artist’s reception, and fundraiser is Journey Through the Mind’s Eye.

(Well, actually “Cascadia” is a business, not an artist. And the artwork is not by the staff of Cascadia; the artist’s are people who receive services or housing or something through Cascadia. Only slavish employees or patronizing clinicians identify in this sort of collective “we.” In this case, perhaps both. The show does not take place in one of Cascadia’s dozens of buildings bought with public dollars. And I doubt the show received any financial support from Cascadia – not billable hours, after all.)

Meet the artists, explore visual and other art, purchase your favorites works, and support a studio run by individuals who rely on art to lead them to their recovery from mental illnesses.

Here’s the 2005 flyer for the first annual event. Curious how it links to the Cascadia site – which does not link back. Hmm.

Both of these paintings, the red flowers and the blonde horse, are by James Harger. I am bringing my checkbook, James. I hope you’re there.

Opening Artist’s Reception and Fundraiser Friday, July 7, 2006 6 – 9 PM

I like “Opening Artist’s” replacing the typical “artist’s opening.”

Here’s a bunch of info about prepping for the 2005 event. (PDF file)

At ecoPDX at 2289 North Interstate Ave., Portland, 97227. This looks like a cool place.

Call or write for tickets: 503-552-6265 or (this email address does not work for people outside of Cascadia). No price given or address to write to. Phone number is for an admin staff person at Cascadia, not an artist or person receiving services.

Art will hang and remain on sale at ecoPDX until July 30.

For all the promotional blunders, the artwork looks very interesting.

Read – Through art, they master peace of mind – The Oregonian, July 7
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