The Oregonian posts this morning cost overruns for the Portland Art Museum annex – the old Masonic Lodge on SW Park, now called the Mark Building after the leading donor Pete Mark – are now measured at $12 million over budget. Board members + staff are dialing donors who have made future pledges to shift around giving schedules. Fingers are being pointed.

Museum calls in pledges to pay bills – The Oregonian

Bob Hicks of The Oregonian reports in today’s paper the Portland Opera ended it’s fiscal year a million dollars short. Blame goes to an extended period without a development director – who has since been found. No changes are expected to the program schedule, which has received increasingly good reviews outside of Portland in recent years. Hicks also mentions “the Oregon Symphony ended its 2005 fiscal year with a $1.2 million deficit on a $14.5 million budget.”

Opera ends year $1 million in red – The Oregonian

Martha Ullman West, again for the Oregonian, wrote an impressively complex piece for the paper on July 2 about Dance USA’s 2006 National Roundtable, held in Portland last week. Hosted by White Bird Dance, the conference according to Ullman West had a decidedly “what’s next?” flavor. She recounts the keynote by Eric Booth of Julliard, “who spoke eloquently about several alarming trends: 1) cocooning (the increasing tendency for audiences to stay at home with their home theaters rather than attending live performances); 2) the American need for instant gratification (a familiar criticism); and 3) the ever-widening gap between the very affluent and the middle class and poor.”

Choreographing the tango between art and business – The Oregonian