DATE: Wednesday, July 19
TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: City Hall – no shit – 1221 SW 4th
ALL AGES? You bet
WHO’S PLAYING: Quasi and The Minders

Mainstream rock has sucked for a long time now. At best (Wilco, Radiohead, Pearl Jam) it’s like consuming high fructose corn syrup, sweet but you’re kinda disgusted with yourself afterward. At worst aging stars from bygone days gobble up corporate air time, then regurgitate tunes created up to 50 years ago. Pathetic. And more pathetic are the papsters who gratefully swallow that puke.

Kicking off PDXPOP Now! is high test organic rock of the purest quality and intention from two bands you must know more about (finally – someone in City Hall has connections and can get things done).

Two of the very best rock bands in the world just happen to live in Portland and will play City Hall next week. For free. Those twee Norwegians, those shoegazer Frenchies, those overdue grungers from up I-5 got nothing. Rock just doesn’t get any better than in Portland.

Quasi is Sam and Janet, who both have side projects but keep coming back to the center because the music makes everything right. Their second, Featuring “Birds” is right up there on the list of music-to slit-your-wrists-too, along with Elliot Smith’s Needle In The Hay. Their most recent, When The Going Gets Dark, stays with powerful mature emotions, swirling in Sam’s crazy harmonics while Janet furiously punches straight on through to the other side.

Know more about Quasi.

Quasi jams with Elliot SmithThe Poisoned Well and Paint It Black on YouTube from 1999.

What was Smith’s favorite band? The Minders. As Sam presents his profoundly weary Quasi soul as a big, human mess, The Minders are prim, proper, calculated pop for smart people. Launching their latest tour this week, Martyn and Rebecca et al front their fourth release, Bright Guilty World.

Know more about The Minders.

Download MP3: The Minders – Accidental Joy

Curious about the next great Portland rock band? Sneak peek of Still Pending on YouTube cover a Green Day tune. Okay, it’s bar chord dreck, but it’s a step up from junior ice hockey.

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