There’s now a tremendously long list of links about Portland art things down a bit on this screen and at the right hand side. Theatre, dance, weird stuff, galleries, foundations, bands, artists, schools, everything in a pile.

So that’s good. All the links work – over 200 of them. I’ll add to it again – but it will be a while. I think this is probably enough.

There’s also the new photo archive of Portland public art. You can access this archive (Google calls it a web photo album) by clicking on the Picasa logo at the right hand side of this screen. There’s over 1000 images currently available.

Try out our new blog poll – again at the right – give us your vote, public art at City Hall, yea or nay?

Finally – the foremost request to this blog is for more posts. Ok. Now a blaze of urban odds and ends.

A simple text stencil on a utility grate at 20th and NW Irving may have encouraged many to keep on keeping on.