This scrap of resistance is dedicated the White House speechwriting staff. Folks when you’re discouraged think of this – someday your unborn grandchildren will hate you for what you’ve done to ruin our perfectly good language.

Like yesterday’s post, this one is on SW 12th Avenue, between Alder and Washington.

All the fluff and hype surrounding the new artsy fartsy Oregon arts scene is completely defeated by reading the numbers – .16 cents per person.

Having failed to encourage Republican legislators to be reasonable or solve the state’s complex public mental health problems, the Oregonian editorial board is now stalking arts funding. (Might be because publisher Fred Stickel is on the PAM board?)

Read – Loving the arts, one payday at a time, The Oregonian – July 24.

Read – By the numbers Oregon ranks 47th in the nation for public state funding of the arts, investing only 16 cents a person, The Oregonian – July 24.

(Portland metro supposedly does much better at almost $5 per person of support. I bet that number could be jacked up 1000% if you segmented the population again to 97210.)

Employed? RACC’s Work For Art program has a pretty good 2-1 deal they call the Art Card.

Employed by heathens? Civilize ’em!

According to Artsusa.org8,324 Arts-Related Businesses in Oregon Employ 36,380 People. Read more on their website, including a breakdown of each business segment by state legislative district. Neat.

Know about the Nancy Hanks Lectures? The annual lecture is named for Nancy Hanks, former president of Americans for the Arts and chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, who devoted 15 years of her professional life to bringing the arts to prominent national consciousness.

Listen to William Safire give the 2006 lecture (link opens lecture – or download / 44 MB)