This little lovely was found at PSU, spray paint on a desktop, I think.

This is the indie girl Daniel Clowes is looking for.

This dear boy, life size & snuck behind some dumpsters in NW Portland, has already been painted over. Why show it then – if no one else can visit it, see it, meditate a moment, have a smoke with the Mexican dishwashers – what is the aesthetic value of an image destroyed? Ah ha! What is the value of a Van Gogh owned by a Japanese marine insurance company, cached forever in a salt mine, efficiently holding value and far easier to secure and maintain than gold or diamonds? What is the value of song played on a guitar without strings? Just how beautiful, on a scale of one to ten, is a Picasso in a dark room?

I dunno.

These two, found at 10th & SE Belmont and again at about 9th and Ankeny, don’t make sense to me – I doubt I am the intended audience. They seem to be part of a series which Portland Public Art has listed before as Art Students as Colonial Stooges.

Who Makes What You Love? and How Do You Respond?

At the right, a smallish 6 x 5 inch spray paint on sidewalk – again on a street no one walks (except Holocene or Sassy’s patrons who are presumably both intoxicated and in the dark). A weird graphical face + the word Obey.

Then another version appears – about one-sheet – on 23rd Avenue in the midst of all the wandering tourists. Yay!

Is this image trademarked? Don Rumsfield is looking for a new icon. Is it fun? Is there a message? Should I be shopping more, buying green and local and handmade? Obey what? Jeez – a little politic is a dangerous thing to an artist without a clue.

Acch – I’m tired of walking. What’s on TV?