On the desk of Richard Meeker used to be (may yet be) a paperweight with A J Liebling’s ultimate bourgeois quote, “The freedom of the press is for those who have one.”

Be comforted by Kris Krisofferson’s equally rancid take, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

So what are those scrapbook nuns at the Portland Zine Symposium expect? A parade of flowers? A tour of DARPA?

I loved Factsheet Five, Ben is Dead and OP (where is Mike Gunderloy? Where is Darby? Where is John Foster?) Remember Snipehunt or Mississippi Mud or for gosh sake the Portland Scribe? Of course you don’t. You were in Pampers. That’s right, I was a punk before you were a punk (and no, I didn’t go see Fee Waybill.)

But times have changed. Samizdat is TOR. Blogspot & Google dominate. Kinko’s figured out prepay. R. Crumb is a grandfather. Paul Krassner works for Ariana Huffington.

Puff puff! Times have changed! Dammint. The zines are even institutionalized! (But Laurel Winter you are still way cool.)

Okay okay – it’s at Smith Ballroom, third floor of Smith Center at PSU, continuing Saturday and Sunday August 12 & 13. And it’s free.

Books to Prisoners
Bay Area Radical Mental Health Collective
Reading Frenzy
Independent Publishing Resource Center

UPDATE – Inspired by Mike’s comment below, I went Sunday afternoon. The ballroom was packed, a complete nest of entrepenuer geeks with complimentiary ego stroke chapbooks. The most pathetic were the wannabee anarchists – those boys were cute and their girls were scary. Smash the state! Tea party politics! Okay, okay I’ll find a hammer and a fistful of boiling water.