Just sidling by on Hawthorne Bridge, screening traffic swishing, to peer over the edge at the black swirling waters.

It’s a yogurt lid, which someone has carefully detailed with a black marker a declarant message to the world in general and tied up with a bit of telephone wire.

Is it art? Of course it is. Don’t be sanctimonious. Is it potent? No. Is it valuable? No. Pithy? No. Provincial? Well, gee. Almost everything is these days, the whole pdx pop cult is bursting with unwarranted pride and purpose. Chomping at the bit and laughable.

The second piece in this small public show is, again black marker on yogurt lid with telephone wire attaché’, of a crude drawing of a calm beaver minding his own business. But look closely the hatch marks and find a tiny crazy indecipherable poem.

Man this art crit doesn’t make sense at such a small scale. This piece of Portland public artwork might be beautiful, if you wanted it hard enough. the quality is a magical contract you can make just by wishing. Contextual? Just your mind and inherent curiosity, mixed with the pace of your feet, the wind, the light, the moment. Hard tho. Gotta wish hard. Be a good wisher. Maybe a liberal arts education helps. Hard to measure the net effect, the return on investment. Like measuring the transfiguring of clouds; outguessing the gods.

Try wishing. Go ahead. Try now. What do they say? Go with your heart.

Does it work?

Does it work now?

Does it work for you?

Will it work for someone else? The next pedestrian? The one following me?

Well, I didn’t jump which always makes a quicker crossing.