Columbia River Crystal, by David Morris – son of the late Portland artists Hilda & Carl Morris, Reedie ’67, and repped by Laura Russo. Did he go to Skyline Grade School? No, probably Catlin. What an important decision that turned out to be!

A large bronze sculpture, painted black, bought by Pete Mark in 1997 for Crown Plaza – an average office building on First Avenue in downtown Portland. The surrounding environment of tan stone, dark glass and city streets diminish the artwork considerably, a reduction to average and drab.

What’s interesting is the amount of security watching the artwork. Was the security part of the plan, or an afterthought? Were the cameras (which, like all cameras, at least in theory have a human watching them somewhere) agreed on in the artist contract? Clearly adds cost to ownership – does it add value to the work? Add to the aesthetic experience?

Are there equivalent cameras watching other Portland public artworks? Do you think that’s interesting – people paid to watch public artwork? Should PNCA have a special class for these security guards (and their current students destined for duty as docents somewhere…)

From the pedestrian bridge

From a structural column.

From a stairwell.

One of three visible peeking over the rooftops.