More pure pop music for cool kids like you and me.

Meet The Thermals, Kathy, Hutch and now Lorin. And a little bit of Fugazi’s Brendan Canty – way in the background.

Nice folk from Portland, maintaining the rockin tradition, imagine if Lou Barlow and Mark Arm started a band together, this week heading out for another national tour, fronting the Sub Pop CD The Body, The Blood, The Machine. The tune here is A Pillar of Salt. Release party at the Wonder Ballroom on September 16 and you’re invited.

Next stop – Missoula. And damit – stop by Fargo & see Kelly Hagen.

Here’s the new Portland economic theory. Fish + logs + pelts + cheap electricity are out; creatives (advertising + marketing + designing + announcing + advocating + defining + creating + divining) are in. If you’re still on the out side = trouble.

Pitchfork interview with Hutch Harris of The Thermals