What’s terrifically overpriced, quite controversial, dangling in the public eye, and supercool to kids and creeps of all sorts?

The Portland Tram!

Now if you’re a reasonable rational person, you’re probably also a boring beancounter and do not understand art at all. Please try another web site. This web site is dedicated to PORTLAND PUBLIC ART.

Of which the tram is the latest and hugest addition.

You say it’s efficient and effective transport from fancy condos to highrise medical temples?


It’s not. The beancounters have been rooked. But the tram is artwork – not particularly utilitarian. Big beautiful Portland public art.

They’re a sculptural response to the pdx bourgeois notion of space and euro-culture. It’s Christo ripoff, a engineering marvel, and no mistake it parallels the final remaining shipbuilding site on the Willamette. PHART would be fine, tho I also like “left one and right one” since they’re fairly indistinguishable.

Take a look – these two shots, both sorta boring and slow (they were testing today) show the tram coming down to the lower station. Can’t wait to ride it.