Long brutal review of the Portland Art Museum’s newish Mark Building by California curator Marshall Astor on his blog Double Sided Double Density skewers the building as “80% rental hall and fundraising space and 10% multi-story, crammed art hallway.”

The additional 10%, I assume, is the Crumpacker Library, and the exquisite penthouse offices the Buchanans built for themselves prior to fleeing before the fiscal year-end report revealed massive construction cost overruns on the front page of the local paper.

Ahh the unpleasant truth – told by outsiders – is the new building, the product of a decade of fundraising – is a castle dedicated, not to art, but to raising even more money. The tipping point formula – more time spent preparing for fun than having fun. Now you’re boring – the greatest curse of the arts.

It’s an essential activity, while enjoying the insular virtues of this provincial village, regardless of your trade, to correspond with the outside world – to read, to talk, to listen, to consider opinions outside of local comfortable, familiar voices.

See Dear Portland Museum of Art, Your design sucketh. Sincerely, Marshall Astor