Dead MoonRetired. Who would have imagined that? Dead Moon hangs it up after 20 years and a lot of miles.

Lollipop ShoppeIf you’re a Dead Moon fan and haven’t heard You Must Be A Witch, by the Lollipop Shoppe, start there and don’t overlook a key moment in the development of rock & roll. It’s not the standard 4 4 beat, it’s not the lyrics swiped from The Sonics, it’s not the faux hippie garb or the long locks and handsome faces of the boys; it’s something completely different. It’s tense regret, suffering, teen angst, the mindshit of stalkers.

The sound is earlier incarnation of Fred Cole, from the beginning of his long career – but you can hear his unquenchable fire, deep inside.

Listen – download You Must Be A Witch, by The Lollipop Shoppe, from the 1968 Just Colour.

Fred Cole, his wife and partner, Toody, and Andrew Loomis have been churning out intense, powerful rock & roll as Dead Moon without reservation or fame fantasies, touring regularly to new fans and old.

Fred’s history is well chronicled at the Dead Moon web site. I count over 60 releases by Fred since 1964, and dozens as Dead Moon. Quite amazing endurance.

Video below shows Dead Moon push through It’s Ok, September 2006. Made popular by Pearl Jam, it’s a song of affirmation and resignation, of teen heroics, of space age platitudes; definitely a post-Beach Boys / pre-Wipers world. (Vedder misunderstands the tune, channeling Everly Brothers instead of Fred Cole – just awful.)

Forty years on a thousand stages and Fred Cole’s passion and intensity hasn’t changed a bit – as is true with all great artists, the unquenchable fire burns.

You know I love you anyway
It’s ok
It’s ok
You don’t have to run and hide away