Smack my forehead! About once a year I become unwary and forget how awful traveling exhibits are presented at the Portland Art Museum.

During a recent visit I counted over three hundred people packed shoulder to shoulder shuffling through the – at best mediocre – exhibit of Egyptian artifacts and artwork.

The creaky floor, the poor air circulation, the lousy lighting, and the insipid audio track combined for dread and Fire Marshal / public health concern for personal safety. It’s just pure avarice to slam so many humans through an exhibit.

At one point there was a traffic jam of wheelchairs!

Here’s a million dollar idea. Why oh why in this age of easy podcasting is there only one audio tour to listen to at the PAM? Someone should make it their business to create excellent tours, of the Portland Art Museum or the Oregon Historical Society, or of other geographical places – why leave it to the ponderous professionals!?!