Barbara Tetenbaum + OHSU
In Portland, Oregon, on the top of Marquam Hill, at the Oregon Health & Sciences University, in the Peter Kohler Pavilion, on the 7th floor, in the Center for Women’s Health, behind the lobby, down the hall, around a corner is this small alter for beautiful artwork.

Four pieces by bookmaker Barbara Tetenbaum, A Visual Chronicle of Lake Oswego: 100 pairs of working hands, The View from Bealtaine, Gymnopaedia #4, and A Set of Building Blocks.

Tetenbaum has been making books by hand for twenty-five years at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts and under the imprint Triangle Press.

These are careful works by a mastercraftsperson, delicately made of paper and cloth and ink and magic, elegantly casting specific impressions.

Book arts, such as typography, binding, papermaking merges a slew of different arts and crafts together – graphic design, composition, poetry, multimedia, sculpture, a true mixed art. There are factories of the stuff with powerful patrons, like Arion Press in San Francisco, but most art books are created as individual artworks.

Book arts seem to be a welcoming art form – easy to get started, essential you make it yourself, make it your own. Two places to get started in Portland: Oregon College of Art & Craft, the Independent Publishing Resource Center,

Barbara Tetenbaum at the Triangular Press.

Barbara Tetenbaum: A Retrospective of 25 Years as a Book Artist – at the Collins Gallery of the Multnomah County Library.

Pushing the Margins: White Lotus Gallery

From an exhibition in Czeck Republic in 2003, Dedictvi = Inheritance : or, ‘Thanks’ from Usti nad Labem.

Ode to a Grand Staircase (for four hands) – Flying Fish Press

An Artist Collects: Artist-Made Books from the Collection of Barbara Tetenbaum – Contemporary Crafts Gallery