Henk Pander 1983 watercolor, showing off, about 5′ by 3.2′, tucked in a hallway deep on the 7th floor of the OHSU Kohler Pavilion. Flowers, Big Pink, mirrors, perspective, sheer boisterous talent. Perhaps the most talented artist in Oregon history, his work is everywhere you turn – from Timberline Lodge, to the Visual Chronicle of Portland, to the Performing Arts Center pushing perspective with David Robboy’s giant perplexed bass, the deathbed painting of Ric Young, Perspectives of Mount Hood, New Carissa, Jacob and Arnold, Storefront Theatre, on and on.

Eva Lake’s 60s/80s pings op-art and post-art with glistening bright reds pinks and purples. Longtime Portland artist and now provocateur, Lake balances the business of art with the Chambers Gallery with the making of art, minds history, welcomes newcomers at her radio show on KPSU.

Julie Rall, oil and gold leaf on Plexiglass, bright bright colors but little control. Aside from punching the viewer in the head, I am not certain what the intended outcome is here.

David J McCoyth is listed as the maker of Green and Gold, from 1930. McCoyth may be a pseudonym for Mr. Otis – very early tho. It’s a pretty picture; peaceful, passive, purposeful, of the post “primitive-moderne” style. Donated by Mr. & Ms. Brian Booth.