The pleasure we obtain from music comes from counting, but counting unconsciously. Music is nothing but unconscious arithmetic. — Leibniz

An appreciative 400+ characters of various sizes met up last night to partake in the radically under appreciated trio from the Bay area, nice nice people those Deerhoof.

Wonder Ballroom, on NE Russell, if you haven’t been there yet, is about as nice a venue as you could ask for and still be rock and roll. Clean, calm, reasonable. If you’ve already been there, you know what I mean.

Now with their eighth CD on Kill Rock Stars, Friend Opportunity, Deerhoof begins with one of rock’s great active drummers, Greg Saunier, who must be seen to be believed.

Oh – see him for yourself, 9:00 set (high speed) from Burn My Eye, or Flower (portion of 9:00 set).

Wrong Time Capsule, video directed by Martha Colburn

Wrong Time Capsule – mp3 from The Runners Four.

John Dieterich’s guitar work is explosive as he renders a variety of instruments, trumpets, bells, keyboard; all quite explicit.

But the heart and center of the band is the underestimated Satomi Matsuzaki. She is a complete equal to Greg and John in both form and content, and acts as an even minded counterbalance. (And thanks for the tiny shirt!)

I think Clapton said there are musicians by memory, like Hendrix, and musicians by mathematics – measuring the distance between beat and tone. What all great musicians do is play in this magical area of our mathematical brains, calculating frantically to keep the pace, and knowing what’s around the next bend. A delight!