Use the comments below and name where this artwork is!

Extra bonus points if you can name the artist – or when this artwork was made. Check back for the answer tomorrow.

Hint – This is the artist’s only surviving public artwork. (Of course it’s in Portland.)

ANSWER – Emily-Jane remembered seeing Paul Grellert’s Post Office mural at her East Portland Post Office on SE 7th Avenue.

She describes it as “very frontiers-y” which is exactly the right description.

When originally made in 1936 as part of the Works Project Administration, as seen below, the US was in the midst of a boom of pop culture interest in all things wild west.

According to East Portland, Oregon New Deal Art Grellert repainted Post Office in 1970 giving the artwork its current combination look of WPA mixed with softer brush strokes of mid-sixties portraiture (as seen at the top). It’s a bit hard to see from these two pictures, the before and the after, but the 1936 version is sharper, brighter, and in the style of other WPA work. So this mural was painted twice – 1936 and 1970.

Grellert lived in Oregon most of his life and died in 2006. I can’t find any other mention of other public artwork he made.

Artwork and post offices are a rough mix. I spent about 40 minutes looking at this artwork on a recent busy afternoon. No one was looking at Grellert’s mural, but my art-watching flagged the concern of several glaring USPS staff.