Aww I am getting beat on this quiz every time. This large mosaic artwork is NEW, in a PUBLIC PLACE which has been in the news a lot in the past year, but you cannot guess where it is!

Use the comments below and name where this artwork is!

Extra bonus points if you can name the artist – or artists! Check back for the answer tomorrow.

Hint – Near water and below ground! (Of course it’s in Portland.)

ANSWER – And I gave you an extra day. The artwork is a mosaic of glass designed and arranged by Mark Brody and students at Buckman Elementary School, Portland’s only arts-focused public elementary school. The artwork, in the style of Native American, perhaps Chinook, people’s artwork, is mounted at the spanking new swimming pool in the Buckman basement.

Mark Brody: I believe that every person is bringing to the table a story or vision that they want to express, and I want to show them ways in which art can speak for them. From the RACC Neighborhood Arts Artist Directory