A guess, but probably 98% of blogs poop out after six months. Three categories of successful blogs: 1. The blogger is paid by an outside source, 2. The blogger deducts time spent from taxes (the business model of the moment!), 3. Determined and / or pathological amateurs.

(A pro secret – Google ads with arts-oriented keywords pay a very low rate – about $.01 per 500 hits. Very generous for an advertiser to pay more than double this rate.)

Tyler Green rules the art blog world with Modern Art Notes, a subset of Arts Journal, where he catalogs both the happening and the historical from an insider sensibility.

That Ain’t Art – Four Seattlite artists post their findings from the web with brief commentary.

RACC’s Jeff Hawthorne has Culture Shock, a mix of personal and professional with good pics and recent applause for Henk Pander’s recent fellowship award and comments on the Chinese dragon controversy.

As per usual, Eva Lake is morphing into something new, and shows it in Eva Lake, a branch (I think) of the LoveLake site. Eva is a artist, artist-watcher, curator, and not shy with opinions rooted in skepticism and experience. Eva blogs in the original sense of the tool, a personal journal written for the world to see.

NEWSgrist – where spin is art – tracks the intersection of art and pop political culture; always readable and often provocative. New York-centric; long blogroll of peers.

The Anonymous Militant Art Bitch can probably source actual numbers, but the majority of lauded gallery reviews still go to men; from the legalization of the pill to Bikini Kill we held the revolution and women progressed – but not to equality. This site also wins an award for huge numbers of comments without always succumbing to analogies to Nazis, defying Godwin’s Law.

T J Norris used the crippled Oregon Live blog tool for a while, but has converted to T J Norris | Blog, a very nice format for showing his work and commenting on local events and shows.

ArtDaily.org has something like a blog but more of an aggregator (a site of sites – like Boing Boing for pop culture or Hypemedia for mp3 culture, but combines press release material from museum openings worldwide with great photo galleries.

The Intrepid Art Collector perhaps started as a book promotion, but has advanced to announcements and trend-spotting: well written and professional within the constraints of Blogger. I have the book around here somewhere and will read it eventually.

More proudly provincial than even this blog, PORT is a mix of opinions, but dominated by Jeff Jahn. The editorial is mostly about Portland gallery shows, but seems aimed at acquiring advertising and not differentiating. Who’s the audience?

In the mid-1990s, The Oregonian made a terrible business decision (or Advance Publications did – hard to sort that one out) to build an enormous and complex telephone system whereby you could call and listen to someone read movie reviews or Steve Duin. A boring business bust, they hung on tenaciously for a decade too long. Their swagger is maintained with Oregon Live Blogs, a hodge-podge of squibs and duds, some updated regularly, some randomly, some not at all. Within this context Visual Arts writer D K Row has launched his blog, now with comments. It could be good, but will it be read?

Abi Spring curates A-Blog, a portion of her artist site, with comments about arts-goings-on and her current work. She has a good eye – example, post on Christine Wallers & Steve Peters.

Is clothing design art? If so, UltraPDX does a good job mixing some Portland stylists with international trends. They keep up a good pace and the style-on-the-street photos are good.

Is architecture art? If so, Brian Libby’s thoughtful and researched Portland Architecture gives another sort of tour of the town. For a city so purposefully platted, never bombed or burned, never broke or seriously corrupt, Brian shows an inventory of interesting buildings, spaces and conversation about the museum we live inside of.

A blog / news site way out of town which all should be watching is from the blog from the Your Gallery section of Saatchi site. Jpegs can defeat time and space and the persecution of yokels. It can be done.

Other current non-art favs

  • Mary’s Great Ideas – shares the brainstorms, inventions and adventures.
  • Librarian Avengers – cool trick from smart girls.
  • Cat Eyes – A Cat Woman’s Photos – A life devoted to saving feral cats. When we respect not the smallest of lives, we throw our salvation to the wind. Those who pass the suffering or cause it and learn to look away with ease seal the fate of their souls and of our future. The writing is intense, complex, personal and excellent. Every post is a short story.
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