RACC Public Art Manager Kristin Calhoun will give a lecture about current public art projects in Portland at the Portland Art Museum.

The lecture is May 14, at 9:30 AM (how convenient!) There is a charge for non-members.

Calhoun was responsible for the process which slected a controversial public artwork for Portland’s downtown Chinatown, which was partially installed in December, and then partially “deaccessed” in February after local businesses and media curmudgeons complained about the artwork for a variety of reasons.

The artwork remains partially uninstalled with four (I think) final granite components parts still missing.

Someone needs to stand up and ask Calhoun when an accounting of what went wrong and why will happen, and when a financial accounting of the fouled project will be made available. In February, RACC director Eloise Damrosch, said, “At this point, we’re not ready to delve into who did what wrong and why. But we’ll look into it because we’d be irresponsible not to.”

So far – silence. When, Kristine? When, Eloise? Until then, skepticism.

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