Why doesn’t the Portland Art Museum put it’s directors on PAM.org? PAM is the only large art org in Portland to NOT put board members on their site; they are trophies hidden away. Why? Perhaps because the club is uniformly white, rich, & connected? Nah, more likely, they said NO.

(Note, somewhat different than other boards, PAM embraces nepotism; make a major pledge, get your wife on board.)

Ah heck I’ll do it. And I’ll add where some of their money goes. And if you have a copy of PAM’s bylaws, send it to me. I’ll post that too.

Peter Bechen – PacTrust, ESCO. Both Ds and Rs, now leaning to Ds.
Mario Bisio – Mario’s. Anne & Mario support local Catholic HS students.
Gwyneth Gamble Booth – PGE Foundation
Marty Brantley, Chairman – Scanlan Kemper Bard. Republican.
Richard Louis Brown – arts administrator, retired.
Mary Beth Burpee – wife of Roger Burpee, investments.
Kristin Collins – wife of Truman Collins. Gives to the GOPers.
Anne Crumpacker – wife of Jim Crumpacker, CBRE , & a Republican.
Ann Payne Edlen – wife of Mark Edlen. They like Gordon Smith.
Fred Fields – Coe Manufacturing, retired. Republicans.
Mary Clark Frisbee – wife of Don Frisbee, PacifiCorp, retired. Democrats.
Janet Geary, Secretary – Wife of Richard Geary, Kiewit Pacific. Republicans.
Peter Hall – Lumber Products
Roger Hinshaw – Bank of America
Judi Hofer – May Corporation
Eric Hoffman – Hoffman Industries. Republican.
Karen Holce – wife of Tom Holce.
Tom Holce – Holce Investments. Local Ds and Rs.
Alan Johnson – Wells Fargo.
Fred Jubitz – Jubitz Truck Stop. Republican.
Gail Jubitz – wife of Fred Jubitz. Republican.
Julie Jungers – wife of Frank Jungers, ARAMCO retired. Republicans.
John Kemp – Columbia Investments, retired. Ds and Rs and GOP PACs.
Ted Kulongoski – Oregon Governor. Democrat.
Helena Lankton – Ferguson Wellman Capital. Republican.
Joanne Lilley – Mrs. Ted Lilley, Stimson Lumber. Republican.
David Margulis – Margulis Jewelers. Oregon Humane Society.
Mary K Mark – wife of Pete Mark. Republican.
Pete Mark – Melvin Mark Properties. Republican.
Duane McDougallCascade Corporation
Sarah Miller Meigs – The Lumber Room. Democrat.
Deborah Novack – wife of Ken Novack, Schnitzer Steel
Marilyn Pamplin – wife of Bob Pamplin.
Robert Pamplin – Pamplin Corporation. Republican.
Eric Parsons – Standard Insurance & PDC.
Pat Ritz – Stafford Villa Properties & Oregon Title Insurance, retired
Richard Rubenstein – Thompson / Rubinstein Investments. Democrats.
James Rudd – Ferguson Wellman Capital. Republican. Mostly.
Harold Schnitzer – Harsch Investments. Mostly Dems.
Eric Smidt – Harbor Freight Tools. Gives to Dems and lives in Beverly Hills.
Patricia Smith – William Smith Properties
Gordon Sondland – Aspen Investments. Republican.
Steve Spence, Treasurer – Spence Partners, UBS
Albert Starr, MD – Starr-Wood Cardiac Group
Andree Stevens – Republican.
Troy St. John – Fidelity National Title.
Julie Stott – wife of Peter Stott. Republican.
Peter Stott – Scanlan Kemper Bard. Republican.
Ann Swindells – Mrs. Bill Swindells, retired from Willamette Industries. Republicans.
Ken Thrasher – Compli
Lawrence Viehl – Columbia Funds. GOP PACs.
Helen Jo Whitsell – Copeland Lumber Yards.
Jim Winkler – Winkler Development. Gives to both Ds & Rs.

At Large Members of the Executive Committee

Fred Stickel – Oregonian.
Nani Warren – Mrs. Bob Warren, late of Cascade Company.
Ernest Swigert – Founded Hyster Company.