Two upcoming City Hall events and only history will sort out which is more important to the future of our fair village.

August 23 at 5 PMMusicFest NW presents the Shaky Hands and Pierced Arrows play in the City Hall turnaround. Last year it was great fun to watch Sam intro Tom Potter to the kids and geez there are a lot of kids working at City Hall.

Shaky Hands are okay, from the same breed as so many other Portland bands; about to go out on tour with The Shins. Pierced Arrows are Fred & Toody Cole back from their short vacation away from the stage. They sold their souls to rock and roll, right? That means retirement is bunk!

Listen : Shaky Hands – Summer’s Life
(I can’t find music online for Pierced Arrows, so instead, and I mean this with no disrespect for Fred & Toody, here is)
Listen : I’m From Barcelona : Britney

See – Portland Public Art – It’s OK – Dead Moon Retires

September 17 and 23 at 6:30 PM – Sam Adams and etcetera will host “a series of smaller discussions on specific topics raised at the Creative Capacity Townhall in June.”

Sign up by at Seats are limited.

If you missed it, Commissioner Sam has pledged to connect the wide variety of creative agents into an advocacy community with uniting messages to pressure Salem and local corporations + foundations to take and fund the arts seriously. Does it seem unrealistic? Perhaps it’s been a long time since we’ve had leadership in the public arts.

For all about the Creative Capacity discussion, see –

Portland Public Art – Getting our Creative Capacity Sorted Out
Portland Public Art – Creative Capacity Townhall – video

Sam and etcetera are also looking to form a Creative Capacity Steering Committee. I am going to quote at length here because if only the usual suspects sign up, you know what the outcome will become.

We want to grow the capacity of the creative community to advocate for more resources through either voters at the ballot or with decision makers at budget time. How we find and use those resources to grow and strengthen the community is up to you.

We need your help. We’re looking for folks interested in serving on a steering committee of between 30 to 50 people to help guide this effort.

You should be: a) actively engaged in the creative community b) willing to meet every other month for a few hours during the day c) unafraid to share your opinion d) unafraid of compromise.

Think that’s you? Email a little something about yourself to

There will be lots of other opportunities to engage with the effort as well, we promise.

Promises promises. Here’s the very first question for the “Roundtable” or “Steering Committee.” What is the criteria for determining who sits at the table?