Located on the vast Portland Public Art photo archive is now a large collection of pre-1950 postcards, showing off Portland and it’s environs in their heyday. Most of the postcards show well-known locations or events, such as street scenes, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, parks, aerial photos, and the like.

(A collection of pictures of picture postcards – it’s both post modern and less fuss!)

At the right, Alice Cooper’s Sacajawea, located in Washington Park. I think this sculpture came to Portland during the first centennial celebration of the Corps of Discovery, in 1906.

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Click HERE to go directly to the Portland postcards collection. Look in the WASHINGTON PARK section of the archive to see more images of Coming of the White Man, by H. A. MacNeil, shown in the second postcard. This sculpture is also in Washington Park, but in a somewhat more secluded location than Cooper’s Sacajawea.

Photos in the archive are split up by both location and by subject, and list both the artworks and artists mentioned in the Portland Public Art blog and many many others.