When I hold you, I hold everything: ruby-throated hummingbirds sipping from plum flowers, mangoes ripening in the smoke of burning forests, crones praying in the foamy sand at low tide, shocked waterfalls gracing new housing developments, volcanoes drinking in the fragrance of the stars. In your eyes I see everything that lives.

Mash-up of poet Pablo Neruda and pop astrologer Rob Brezsny, signed pOlArHeAAARRRTTTTTTTTTTT and glued to a telephone pole on West Burnside. Like mixing scotch and seven-up. Crap poetry with jumbled text ripped off from a master wordsmith. Silly. And pretentious. These sort of junior circuit appropriations are a cheap thrill for the maker but just discouraging and perhaps frightening for anyone else who is forced by glue and proximity to manage the madness and thievery of the other.

Disturbing “spray paint” sticker on pole across the street, probably made by one of those criminal PCNA students as some sort of “prank.”