PCRI has put a new coat of paint on the Urban League of Portland at 10 NE Russell. Replacing a faded student mural on the back of the building (in the parking lot joining Chuck’s Market) are 13 portraits. I don’t know the artist (the letters FCI emblem each portrait).

The thirteen portraits are of

Avel Gordly – State legislator representing North Portland.
Gretchen Kafoury – Former City and County Commissioner.
Margaret Carter – State legislator representing North and Northeast Portland.
Malcolm X – Spokesman for the Nation of Islam and father of the Black Power movement. Died 1965.
Whitney Young – Former Director of the National Urban League. Died 1971.
Martin Luther King, Jr. – Leader of the civil rights movement, Nobel Prize winner. Died 1968.
Rosa Parks – Mother of the modern-day civil rights movement. Died 2005.
Nelson Mandela – Former President of the African National Congress, Nobel Prize winner.
Mercedes Diaz – Retired Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge.
Dr. DeNorval Unthank – Physician and co-founder of Urban League of Portland. Died 1977.
Ruth Standish Baldwin – Co-founder of the Urban League. Died 1934.
George Edmund Haynes – Co-founder of the Urban League. Died 1960.
Edwin C Berry – Early Portland Urban League Director, later ED of the Chicago chapter. Died 1987.