Last week I listed the Creative Capacity Steering Committee, packed with business leaders and social networkers. Below is part two, the Creative Capacity Strategy Committee, “comprised of artists, arts organizations, creative businesses and other creative community members will develop recommendations that will be used to develop plan strategies. They will also reach out to engage the creative community, assist in crafting the plan and galvanize the effort to implement the plan’s recommendations.”

It’s unclear how these folks were recruited or chosen; some seem only tangentially attached to the art business. I’d say willingness was probably the most uniform quality among this group.

Strategy Committee Members

Sam Adams – Portland City Council / mayoral candidate

Jennifer Armburst – Owner of the tiny Motel Gallery, “founder emeritus” of PORT

Eva Calcagno – Manager of the Washington County Cooperative Library Services

David Cohen – Executive Director of the Museum of Contemporary Craft

Kelly Coller – Office, a retro boutique office supply and equipment retail shop

KC Cowan – newsreader for Oregon Art Beat

Tim DuRoche – Community Outreach Coordinator for Portland Center Stage – I’d guess this is a PR position

Daniel EtraEcotrust – some sort of membership coordinator

Harrell FletcherPSU Art Department

Chris Haberman – Curator

Kimberly Howard – Managing Director of the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center

Ilan LaksAudio Cinema, creative rental studio space

Elizabeth Leach – Elizabeth Leach Gallery

David Lowe-Rogstad – Substance, advertising

Anne Mangan – Portland Development Commission

Mary McDonald-Lewis – Voice Actress

Andrew McGough – ED of Workforce Systems, what the state employment office should be

Judith Mowry – formerly chief of mediation at Resolutions Northwest

Greg Netzer – ED of Wordstock

Lillian Pitt – Artist

Lisa Radon –Ultra PDX

Gavin Shettler – ED of the soon-to-be-closed Portland Art Center, “Basically, I knew a year ago that we needed a different level of support.”

Jonny Shultz – Q6 – modeling agency

Bwana Spoons – Grass Hut, artist and promoter

Marna Stalcup – RACC, Arts Partners project manager

Karen Stein – Buckman Arts Elementary, parent and PR person

Kathe Swaback

George Thorn – Arts Action Research, arts org consulting, seems not fundraising tho

Minh Tran – Founder of Minh Tran & Company

Laurie Waissman – POVA, chamber of commerce tourism

Linda Womack – Trillium Artisans

Wanda Wright – Painter

Mark Wubbold – PSU Office of Finance